To be brutally honest, we too live in Austin and want to help stop the spreading of bed bugs in our local communities.

One of the biggest challenges and reasons why bed bugs are spreading so rapidly is that many people cannot afford the services of a professional.

After homeowners receive a price for professional services, they are overwhelmed with anxiety because they can’t afford it.

They are left with no other alternative but to turn to their local hardware store and use whatever is labeled bed bugs in hopes of eliminating them.

The problem is, most of those products don’t work and only spread them further making the problem worse. Before long, the bed bugs get so far out of hand, people start taking them to work, school, church and any business they should enter.

We care about our communities and want more people to be able to afford to get rid of bed bugs in a safe and efficacious manner.

We start by filling in the bed bug learning curve for you. When you schedule your heater pick-up, we provide you will a FREE educational book via email that explains the nature of the bed bug.

In detail, it explains what the bug is all about, how they started up again after many years of being gone, risk factors, mistakes people make, how to avoid them, prevention and travel tips and much more.

Written by the International Bed Bug Resource Authority (IBBRA) for the Institute for Responsible Bed Bug Control, this book was peer reviewed by some of the world’s top bed bug professionals.

We’ve partnered with heat equipment manufacturers from around the world and work with some of the top bed bug research scientists, Ph.D’s, Entomologists and pest control professionals to offer you the same quality heaters and steamers used by the professionals at affordable prices.

You can never be too careful when it comes to your families living environment and heat gives you that Peace of Mind!

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