In the first quarter of every new year, people discover bed bugs in their homes.

It’s because the end of the year holidays brings people together more so than at any time of the year.

With all the hustle and bustle, bed bugs get transported where ever people visit. You open up for friends and family and before you know it, you’re suffering from mysterious bites.

If you’ve ever experienced bed bugs, you know it’s one of the most money-making services in the industry. And your told there’s no way you can get rid of them without a professional treatment.

Now, we’re not against professional treatment, but few people can afford heat treatment starting at $1.00 a sq. ft. 

You Can Do It Yourself

You can get rid of bed bugs without the use of a professional and we’ll show you how. You can DIY at a fraction of the cost of a professional treatment and use the same equipment the pros use!

Now Here’s Some Truths About Bed Bug Treatments:

· First, bed bugs have become resistant to most of the chemicals used for them. Chemical treatments may need several treatments to get all the bed bugs. These sprays don’t kill the egg stage so new nymphs are hatching all the time. And these treatments can cost you a pretty penny.

· With chemical treatments, you have to do all the prep work, not the technician.  You’ll be bagging, moving, throwing away, washing and boxing items. This can take you days or even weeks depending on how bad the infestation is.  Your home is upside down for weeks and even months.

· Chemicals leave a residue that can be harmful to you, your family and pets. And with several treatments, your home will become a toxic environment. With heat, there’s no need for dangerous chemicals or waiting for eggs to hatch to repeat treatments.

Heat Kills all Stages of Bed Bugs!

Like most insects, bed bugs cannot withstand high heat temperatures. I’m not talking about turning up the thermostat in your home. I am speaking of renting, the same equipment the pros use at a fraction of the cost.

You can get rid of bed bugs on your own schedule, in limited time, with small prep work and a simple plug-in and go set-up.

Why Pay A Professional Thousands of Dollars for That?!

We offer proven effectiveness you’re searching for to solve bed bug problems.

Our non-chemical convection heat process eliminates the need for multiple chemical applications. Heat treatments are safer, less intrusive, and faster than other, less effective, forms of bed bug treatments.

Perfect for treating single rooms, hotels, duplexes, apartments, hospitals, senior housing, university housing, summer camps, office buildings and so much more!  Wherever bed bugs are, heat is the answer.

Give us a call and find out how simple it is! 512-820-7722